I  am fascinated by the staging process…

Not only because the bottom line has statically proven its viability but also by  the layers of artfulness necessary to produce results.

The staging process strikes a balance between artistry and an editing eye; it balances sensitivity to personal attachment with a need for elimination, it balances a sense of creative presentation within the context of living…it presents something special to potential buyers.

As I step into a home, it's like entering a three-dimensional painting and I keep in mind this interactive space has an ongoing life. By respecting the family’s lifestyle, staging will move them, naturally, into their next life chapter.

And for the home, 

it is primed for Maximum Show & Sell-ability.

As for the workplace, it is often a neglected arena. Productive offices need to have a synergy between the comforts of home and the purpose and function of the business itself. This union will create a visually appealing and nourishing environment.

Guidance with business or home renovations, color schemes, art, furniture and accessory placement, furniture purchases and alike, is available.





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Staging & Home/Business Styling